Board of Directors Recruiting and Leadership Development 

An increasingly competitive and global market imposes greater imperatives on boards and management to attract, develop, promote, and retain the best talent on an ongoing basis. This requires a commitment of time and resources from boards, management, and human resources departments to coalesce and commit to their companies’ future success.

Boards and management of great companies spend time on people and the intersection between strategy, risk, and talent.

Developing C Suite Successors with External Board Roles

SLATE is retained by large companies to match executives with suitable boardroom opportunities.


In conjunction with our partners, our Board Development Search Practice focuses on matching outstanding, succession-level executives with targeted potential board roles through our extensive network of contacts and proprietary technology.

The following ten questions, gleaned from the National Association of Corporate Directors’ Blue Ribbon Commission Report, are embraced and tailored by successful companies.  


  1. Do we have a proscriptive framework to acquire, develop, and maintain the best talent?

  2. Does our board work effectively with management to identify talent needs and execute on a long-term human capital plan?

  3. Does our board and management have metrics in place to monitor and understand fully the talent necessary to execute our strategy?

  4. Is our board committed to management’s vetting of talent and feeding the pipeline to understand gaps and impact on our strategies?

  5. Do our corporate governance guidelines include the requisite time allotted for talent oversight?

  6. Does our corporate culture and compensation support our talent pipeline?

  7. Do we have an onboarding program tailored for each level of hire?

  8. Does our CHRO have sufficient time to work with the board and management to maintain forward momentum developing talent?

  9. Does our company view CEO succession and talent development as an event or ongoing process?

  10. Do we elicit outside, objective expertise to benchmark talent?